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M.Steiner retweeted

U2gigs @u2gigs - 54m

We are live from U2 Manchester 20/10 #U2eiTour

Wokstation @WokStation - 3h

Very cool, but some seriously accurate cutting skills needed…

Whizbang Sizzleteeks retweeted

StanceGrounded @_SJPeace_ - 4h

Mother elephant giving birth and calling the herd to surround the baby to protect it ❤️😭 Twitter Embedded Image

Whizbang Sizzleteeks retweeted

Nature is Amazing ☘️ @AMAZlNGNATURE - 4h

would you still love me even though I'm different? 💛👁️ Twitter Embedded Image

Wokstation retweeted

Dan Hett @danhett - 5h

this was the total attendance for the EDL's *national demo* today in Manchester, and I think I speak for everyone w…

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